Eagle View Estates

Eagle View Estates

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1301 Caboose Ct

1301 Caboose Ct,
Greensboro, GA 30462
(Lake Oconee)

Available from November 1, 2023

Conveniently located at 1301 Caboose Ct, Eagle View Estates, shoreside to Lake Oconee in Greensboro, GA, this affordable three-bedroom, two-bath rental house offers privacy on 3/4 acres of forested land. Enjoy lake access to Lake Oconee and nearby city amenities.

Located in Eagle View Estates, this home provides easy access to schools, churches, Home Depot, restaurants, bars, fast food locations, banks, public golf courses, grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, fire, and police department. Not to mention its convenient proximity to Interstate 20 and Airabella Construction Project.

Experience the diverse range of recreational opportunities available at Lake Oconee, including boating, fishing, and exhilarating water sports. The region’s renowned golf courses, lavish resorts, and soothing spas offer the perfect blend of leisure and rejuvenation. By residing in Greensboro, you can relish these amenities at a more budget-friendly price compared to other properties in the Lake Oconee area.

Positioned within Greensboro, GA’s city limits, you’ll discover the ease of reaching Buckhead, GA in just 30 minutes by car, Augusta, GA in an hour and 20 minutes, and Atlanta, Georgia in an hour and 45 minutes. Enjoy the multitude of amenities that the Lake Oconee area offers, all at a fraction of the price you’d find elsewhere in the region. Experience the utmost privacy and seclusion amidst the beauty of nature, all the while having the knowledge that if you crave the excitement of the big city, you have several options within a short drive.

the flexibility to immerse yourself in the vibrant city life at your convenience. Buckhead, an affluent district of Atlanta, entices with its upscale shopping, world-class dining options, and a thriving entertainment scene. Augusta, famous for hosting the renowned Masters Tournament, exudes southern hospitality and offers a delightful city experience. Lastly, Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, showcases a rich tapestry of cultural events, museums, sports arenas, and a bustling city ambiance that never disappoints.

Looking for affordable housing rentals that can accommodate you and your friends or family? Look no further! Our option is designed to provide both enjoyment and affordability, making it the perfect choice. And with the property manager residing on the premises, any concerns or requests can be quickly addressed.

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All Properties are Rented Under One Year Lease Terms Renters must meet these criteria: No evictions, no felonies, FICO of 600 or better, Section 8 welcome, Driver's license, contact information for current and past landlords are required. All prospective tenants upon completing the application form must pay a $25 fee for a background check to submit their application for consideration. This background fee is not a guarantee of being approved as a tenant Apply to rent will not result in a hard credit pull, but will result in a soft credit pull.

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