Eagle View Estates

Eagle View Estates

Lake Oconee Rental Homes

24 three and four bedroom affordable homes with lake access

Available Lake Oconee House Rentals

2881 Carey Station Rd
Greensboro, GA 30462
(Lake Oconee)

All Our Homes are Rented Under One Year Lease Terms

All Properties are rented under one-year lease terms. Renters will need to meet the following criteria to qualify: No evictions, no felonies, FICO score of 600 or better, proof of employment or income. Upon completing the application all prospective tenants over the age of 18 must pay an $18 fee for a background check. This background check fee is not a guarantee of being approved as a tenant. A background check will not result in a hard credit pull, but will result in a soft credit pull. Section 8 tenants are welcome.

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Eagle View Estates consists of 24 homes, the majority of which are three bedroom, two bath homes. Some homes are four bedroom, two bath homes. Each home enjoys great privacy as they are all located in heavily forested locations of approximately A¾ of an acre each. All properties are within a short walking distance to Lake Oconee and enjoy direct access to a private kayak/canoe ramp into the lake. There is an on the premises manager to help you with any concerns or problems with your house rental.

All Eagle View Estates properties are within 10 miles of schools, fire department, police department, hospitals, multiple restaurants and fast-food franchises, grocery stores, banks, churches, public golf courses, sporting goods and boat rentals, department and convenience stores, pharmacies, Home Depot, The Ritz Carlton and the upcoming Airabella Development. The entrance to the 20 Interstate is less than a mile away giving you easy access to Buckhead, Atlanta and Augusta. There are also three parks providing public boat ramps located along Lake Oconee.

The weather at Eagle View Estates during the winter months ranges from highs of 65° in the day to lows of 34° at night, during the spring months it ranges from highs of 76° during the days to lows of 55° at night, summer ranges from highs of 90° during the day to lows of 70° at night and in the fall months it ranges from highs of 76° degrees at during the day to lows of 52° at night. On average it rains approximately 7 days a month (with an average rainfall of 3 ½â€ per month, and snows once a month during the winter. There is an average of 11 hours of daylight during fall and winter and 14 hours of daylight during spring and summer.

If you desire privacy, living in nature, with all the wonders of lakeshore living in a rural setting, but with the benefits of easy access to the necessities of life and the enjoyments of the big city you would be hard pressed to find a more ideal and affordable solution. If you enjoy water sports and fishing, Lake Oconee is a great choice. It is the second largest lake in Georgia, and boasts more fish per square foot than any other lake in Georgia with an abundance of largemouth bass, blue catfish, channel catfish, striped bass, black crappie, redbreast sunfish, white crappie, bluegill and white bass. The water is also incredibly clean and unpolluted, making it ideal for kayaking, canoeing, swimming and fishing boat activities. If golfing is your thing, the Harbor Club, which features 1,000 acres of beautiful, wooded hills and miles of Lake Oconee shoreline, is routinely ranked as one of the top public golf course communities in the Southeast.


Eagle View Estates is located on the shores of Lake Oconee in Greensboro, an enchanting town nestled in Greene County, Georgia, which seamlessly intertwines history with modernity.

As the trend of renting over buying homes continues to gain momentum, Greensboro emerges as an ideal destination for renters, offering a multitude of benefits.

Greensboro’s rich tapestry of history offers renters a unique experience. Whether it’s the well-preserved antebellum homes or the charming streets echoing stories of the past, or secluded houses nestled on forested acreage, renting here means living amidst history.

One-year house rentals in Greensboro cater impeccably to those in transitional phases of their lives. Whether you’re a young professional on a temporary assignment, a student seeking a serene environment, a construction worker for the Airabella Housing Development, or someone just wanting a change, Greensboro’s rentals provide the flexibility many crave.

Beyond the walls of your rental home, Greensboro bursts with activities. From the shimmering waters of Lake Oconee, perfect for fishing and boating, to the lush golf courses for the sport’s aficionados, there’s no shortage of recreational pursuits. History enthusiasts can satiate their curiosities in the Greensboro Historic District, while local events and farmer’s markets foster community engagement.

One of Greensboro’s most defining aspects is its warm and welcoming community. Renting here means becoming a part of this closely-knit community, partaking in local traditions, festivals, and events that truly make one feel at home.

In essence, Greensboro, Georgia, stands out as a top choice for renting, offering both tangible and intangible benefits. Whether you’re seeking a temporary abode, a touch of history, or a vibrant community, Greensboro ensures a fulfilling experience. 

Additionally, Eagle View Estates in Greensboro welcomes Section 8 housing rentals as long as you pass our background check (no felonies) and have a FICO score of 600 or better.)  In these tough economic times, the affordable yet spacious home rentals at Eagle View Estates offer quality living, with an abundance of privacy at very attractive rental rates.

Utilities, cable and Wifi are the responsibility of the tenant.

Georgia Power and Rayle EMC provide electric power.

Comcast and Hargray provide internet, Cable TV and phone.

City of Greensboro and Tri-County Gas Service provide natural gas.

For other services please visit Greene County utilities.


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